Pacific Sense Fire Sense



Fire Services Installation

We can provide full range of services by a team of professional and competent staff. Our aims are to provide quality services and to complete projects to the clients' satisfaction. We provide services to most of buildings in Hong Kong, such as factories and schools.

產品 / 服務:

本公司為客戶承辦多元化的消防系統設計及安裝工程,如:FM200自動滅火系統、Novec1230自動滅火系統、自動花灑灑水系統、手動及自動警報系統、煙霧/熱度探測系統、BTM / CO2系統、通風防火閘、手提滅火設備。歡迎致電查詢。

經營笵圍主要包括屋宇設备及消防兩方面, 經營品牌包括以下產品 :
“Lightway” 不銹鋼避震 & 膠避震、 不銹鋼喉管、 球墨鑄鐵喉管, “Weilong" 閥門 - 包括閘閥、止回閥、球閥、Y型過濾器 及 “Dorot” 減壓閥、浮球閥、電控雨淋閥等等,並致力為顧客提供相關產品的專業指導及意見,務求令顧客對各樣產品的品質及功用有更深層的認識。

為配合香港巿場的需要,我們的許多產品更取得水務署及消防署(政府部門)發出的合乎水務條例及消防條例的審批文件。 為配合公眾需求及加強本公司之巿場營銷能力,提供更有效及週全的服務予區內之用家及承建商。除此之外,我們亦為港九新界各商號提供批發服務。 為配合公司業務發展及加強整體銷售網絡,並採用先進電腦系統及現代物流管理,提供有效之中央倉儲及售後運輸服務,以期令所有客戶獲得最佳之服務。



Product / Services:

The diversify service for design and installation includes : Automatic Sprinkler System, Fire Hydrant and Hose Reel, Automatic and Manual Fire Alarm System, Heat or Smoke Detection System.

“Kidde Fire Systems” - FM200 System / FM200 ADS System / Novec1230 System / Argonite System. Kentec - Gas Suppression Control Panel, Ventilated Fire Damper, Portable Fire Extinguisher.

Pacific Sense major business covers building services and fire protection sectors, our product range includes Ductile Iron pipes, PE pipes, Stainless Steel Pipes, Gate Valves, Check Valve, Expansion Joints, Pressure Reducing Valve, Ball Float Valve, Deluge Valve etc. We aim at providing our customers with professional guidance and advice, so that they can have a deeper understanding of the various products we supply. To meet the needs of the Hong Kong market, most of our products have met the requirement of the government departments.

Pacific Sense has been engaging in a great number of government projects and tenders, such as public housing, home ownership housing and private housing projects. Also, we are working on some new construction projects, with customers all over Hong Kong and Macau. As China has entered the WTO Simultaneously, We also actively developing the Southeast Asia & East China market in order to wide our distribution network.

Pacific Sense is Registered Fire Service Contractor of HKFSD Class 1, 2 & 3 and can provide the profressional fire service.